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Casa Olearia Taggiasca Lemon Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Citrus-flavored oils are very special condiments, an appetizing alternative to enrich various and unusual preparations. Lemons, among the citrus fruit, are the most widely used, being an ideal match with a large variety of food.

This lemon flavored oil is obtained by carefully pressing the finest ripe olives together with fresh lemons. They are ground with millstones to obtain a paste, which, once the right density is achieved, is extracted under a controlled pressure. Then, the three liquid components - oil, water, and lemon juice- are separated by centrifugation, by virtue of their different specific weights. Water and lemon juice seep out together, leaving just the oil, which retains the intense lemon flavor, with no trace of the fruit itself.

This oil is delicious raw on fish starters, grilled or boiled fish, "bresaola", fresh goat cheese, etc.

Imported from Italy



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