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Casa Olearia Taggiasca White Balsamic Vinegar

Fine White Dressing from Casa Olearia Taggiasca 

A delicious, light vinegar great for any culinary needs. This fine "condimento bianco" white balsamic, made from wine vinegar and grape must, is an affordable and incredible tasting product from Italian oil, vinegar, and wine producers with roots dating back almost 1,000 years. This specially made dressing is excellent for salads and all raw foods. Thanks to its transparent, clear consistency it is ideal for sauces, white meat and fish as it does not darken or alter the original color of the food. Its characteristic flower-scented aroma and sweet and sour, fresh and well balanced, harmonic taste, make it ideal for all uses.

16.9 fl oz (500 mL)


*product packaging may vary

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