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Serrats Sardines in Olive Oil

Conservas Serrats presents its sardines in a 120 gram can and covered with specially selected olive oil. Approximately 16 to 20 pieces in a can.

The starting point for the production of the sardines consists of the selection of the best raw materials. Conservas Serrats acquires fresh sardines, small pieces of high quality. Cut, headed and cleaned by hand, the sardines are steam toasted and packed in olive oil. The time elapsed between capture and canning is minimal, thus guaranteeing a product that maintains all its richness and properties intact.

With their characteristic and intense smell and flavor, Serrats sardines stand out for their attractiveness silver appearance and magnificent presentation: perfectly clean, bright and tasty, with a soft and juicy texture. 

In recent years, sardines have become very famous for being a food with high nutritional value. A can of sardines in olive oil contains a high concentration of vitamin B12 as well as others such as vitamins A, D, K and E. An important source of protein and also sodium, phosphorus, iodine and calcium. Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (especially omega 3) and oleic acid.



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